Do hospitals have a future?

  • Herman Redondo-Gómez


The public hospital crisis has resulted
from the crisis affecting the system and not its cause.
The future for public hospitals in Colombia remains
unclear in the current healthcare insurance model,
as this has been based on a free market healthcare
model which is managed by private Profit- Making
Organizations (healthcare-providing entity - EPS).
There is also disloyal competition between hospitals
and clinics belonging to these EPS and public and
private entities, a type of money-grubbing war which
has already been experienced in other areas of the
economy, with disheartening results.

Unless in-depth corrective action is taken, the
public hospitals will not be able to continue carrying
out their special functions, such as dealing with
sectors of the population having pathologies involving
low economic profitability even though being services
having very high social profitability, such supply having
always been present and which will continue being
supplied in the future.

Biografía del autor/a

Herman Redondo-Gómez

Service Development Director
District Healthcare Secretariat


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